Gaunt Adds 1/2″ Long Needle Applicator for use in Ceramic Lounge


A customer from California came to us with an idea.  They thought our products would work with other glazing tools at their CERAMIC lounge, but felt a shorter needle would be best.  We have many customers using the HYPO-65 for special effects with pottery and ceramic projects.  By using a shorter needle the user will have more control for a Precise result.

Gaunt Industries will now carry the 1/2″ long needles in stock for ALL of our 20 gauge and 18 gauge products.  Shown in the photo is the HYPO-3505*.5BLK, which combines the new 20 gauge needle (1/2″ long) and our recently added 1/2 ounce Opaque Black LDPE plastic bottle.

We look forward to seeing the results of this new custom tool and hope that others will give it a try.


New 20 Gauge 1/2″ Long Needle combined with 1/2 Ounce Black Bottle

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Gaunt Industries Presentation

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Gaunt HYPO-25 Applicator

Using the Gaunt HYPO-25 to weld acrylic

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** INTRODUCING OUR NEWEST PRODUCT LINE ** Our 18 Gauge Products (HYPO-49) NOW sold with 3″ long needles in addition to our standard 1″ needles. For those difficult to reach areas, where PRECISION is still required the HYPO-49*3 is the perfect tool.


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New Product- HYPO-49 Applicator / Aleene’s No-Sew Fabric Glue kit


The Gaunt HYPO-49® applicators have been used to dispense basting glue by Roxanne International for many years.  Quilters around the world have used the applicators for their applique projects.  Now Gaunt Industries- the original manufacturer of the HYPO-49® applicators, is offering a Kit that combines these same applicators with Aleene’s No-Sew Fabric Glue.

For the price of $6.25, customers will receive (1) HYPO-49®, (1) Extra HYPO-49® Top, (1) 4 Ounce bottle of Aleene’s No-Sew Fabric Glue, and a cleaning wire (to keep the top clear).  This is TWICE the amount of glue sold by others, at a price not seen before.

Quilters and Artists that have used these products in the past will understand the value of this package.  No more overpriced glue when using these precision applicators.

Click on this link to see the kit and place your order:


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New Item

In stock- ready to ship
We now offer Aleene’s® No-Sew Fabric Glue™ in our NEW Quilters Glue Baste Kit.
The kit includes 1) 4 Ounce bottle of Aleene’s Glue, 1) Gaunt HYPO-49® applicator, 1) Additional HYPO-49® Top, and a Cleaning Wire to keep the tops ready for clog free use.

THE Precision Basting Applicator quilters have been using for years, now sold with twice the amount of Fabric Glue (4 ounces) at a price not seen in years.

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